MALI Torrential rains batter Bamako

 Emergency Response
 30th Aug 2013

MALI (August 30, 2013) - Torrential rains and flooding in Bamako, the capital city of Mali, has killed more than 30 people and destroyed the houses of about 1,100 families in the past two days. It has also damaged homes and infrastructure in different areas of the city. Claudine Mensah Awute, Country Director for CARE Mali, visited one of the most affected areas yesterday.

“I visited yesterday late in the afternoon one of the most affected areas, Bakoni, which is not far from CARE’s offices. Residents continued to empty their houses of waters from a river that continues to overflow. Residents have mobilized themselves to help neighbors that are the most in need. Families who lost their houses have been hosted in schools. The government, with support from humanitarian organizations, delivered emergency non-food items, food and hygiene and sanitation products, to respond to the preliminary needs for about 300 families blankets, mosquito nets, kitchen sets, water purifying tablets, etc. Heavy rains are expected in Bamako until September 2, and this could cause further flooding throughout the city.

Also, yesterday, there were heavy rains in the city and region of Ségou, where we have staff and a regional office. All staff are okay, both in Bamako and Ségou, and thankfully no one has been hurt.

In the initial phase, CARE is planning to distribute 180 tents to help families whose homes have been destroyed.”

CARE has worked in Mali since 1975, and is currently helping people who have been affected by last year’s conflict and food crisis. Our long-term programs focus on improving access to health services to ensure healthy families; setting up Village Savings and Loans Associations for women to help them start small businesses; providing support to farmers to improve their crops and start small economic activities to boost their income; improving access to education for out-of-school girls and boys; improving nutrition for families; and helping families prepare for, and reduce the impact of disaster.

To learn more about our work in Mali, please click here.

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