NGOs raise alarm over worsening humanitarian crisis in Lebanon

 Emergency Response
 14th Apr 2022

Food distribution in Beirute, Lebanon                                                                          
Photo: Milad Ayoub / CARE

A joint statement from the LHIF and LHDF: 

Today’s publication of new data on humanitarian needs across Lebanon is a reflection of the
alarming deterioration of the lives of millions of people caught up in the multiple crises affecting
the country. LHDF and LHIF urge the government and the international community to act
urgently to save lives and prevent further losses.

Over 2 million Lebanese people – representing 57% of the entire Lebanese population – are now
in a situation of humanitarian vulnerability. This is added to the entire refugee population - 1.5
million Syrian refugees and over 200,000 Palestinian refugees - and 85,000 migrants already
living in the most dire of circumstances.

Rising food insecurity, the collapse in public services and a lack of social safety nets are all
combining to create an irreversible decline in living conditions that will take generations to
recover from if we don’t act now. This crisis is affecting everyone: Lebanese, refugee and
migrant communities alike. Children, older people and women are always the most vulnerable in
times of crisis.

As NGOs active in the humanitarian response, we call for the Government of Lebanon and the
international community to rethink how to address humanitarian needs in a country that is
collapsing - with the intention of leaving no one behind.

We would like to see an equally robust step up of both humanitarian and stabilization funds, and
a renewed commitment of the Lebanese authorities to account for the prevailing and
increasingly dire circumstances. Further, an appropriate aid architecture must be put in place to
develop and deliver a harmonised, effective, accountable response to increasing needs.

About LHDF and LHIF:
The Lebanon Humanitarian and Development NGOs Forum (LHDF), created in 2014, is an independent entity,
composed of 85 local and national humanitarian and development NGOs operating in Lebanon across a wide
range of sectors, facilitating coordination between them and with other relevant stakeholders to have an
efficient response to both humanitarian and development needs in the country.

The Lebanon Humanitarian INGO Forum (LHIF) is an informal and independent coordinating body comprised
of 64 international NGOs (INGOs) who are working to address the needs of vulnerable individuals, families
and communities throughout Lebanon.

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