CARE International on Iraq Donor Conference: "Pledges need to secure peace and reconstruction"

 Emergency Response
 12th Feb 2018

11 million people in need of humanitarian assistance / More financial support urgently needed

Geneva, February 9, 2018. Ahead of the International Donor Conference on Iraq in Kuwait next Monday, the humanitarian organization CARE International is calling on all stakeholders to make reliable financial commitments to support internally displaced people as well as host communities. Some of the families have been waiting for years to return to their homes. According to the United Nations over 550 million USD will be needed to provide humanitarian aid for 3.4 million people in Iraq who are most vulnerable in 2018.

"For years, Iraq has seen no end to suffering. As a result more than three million people are internally displaced. Additionally, the country has kindly welcomed refugees from Syria," recalls Tulasi Sharma, CARE’s Country Representative in Iraq. "As long as it is not safe enough to return to their homes, all of these families need continued support."

In Northern Iraq, the situation is dire: over 820,000 internally displaced people and more than 240,000 Syrian refugees are seeking protection here. "Due to ongoing armed conflicts many families will not be able to return home soon. We need to support host communities where displaced families found shelter", says Sharma. "At the same time it is crucial to build a solid foundation for peace and to ensure a longer-term reconstruction process."

To meet the immediate needs of over 3.4 million of the most vulnerable people in Iraq, CARE calls on the international community to ensure adequate and multi-annual financial commitments to the appeal.

In Northern Iraq, CARE and its partner organizations support displaced people with shelter, clean drinking water, hygiene items and other relief items. So far, our work has reached nearly 250,000 people.

CARE’s recommendations at a glance:
- Ensure reliable and multi-annual financial commitments to meet the needs of people displaced within Iraq, refugees as well as their host communities and to enable longer-term reconstruction

- Support the foundation for peace in home regions so that a voluntary, safe and dignified return for displaced persons is possible. This includes rebuilding of infrastructure such as markets, schools and health facilities

- Involve communities and civil society, especially women and girls, in planning and reconstruction decisions

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