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Photo & Video Gallery

Photo & Video Gallery

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Brothers in Ar(t)s

Antonia Mas Tzaput, 13, is watched closely by her younger brother Francisco Tzaput, 5, as she cuts out patterns as part of her art project. When not in school young girls are often responsible for looking after their younger siblings. CARE staff met at Escuela Sacasiguan for an art class with girls who will take part in the Qach;Umilal program starting in January. Girls from Escuela Sacasiguan and Escuela Chirijsacasiguan took part in an art class where they created butterfly pencil holders.

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IPCC Report Statement: Caroline Kende-Robb

CARE International's Secretary General gives a powerful statement in the wake of the 2018 IPCC report - calling for this to be the year we wake up and protect ...

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