Humanitarian convoy of six Slovenian Red Cross trucks in partnership with CARE delivers 25,000 liters of water and 55 tons of food to Ukraine

At the end of last week, a convoy of six trucks accompanied by the Slovenian Red Cross delivered humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. The aid was delivered to the Ukrainian Red Cross logistics center in Uzhhorod in western Ukraine, and from there it was distributed to affected people in Ukraine on the same day.

Six trucks delivered nearly 25,000 liters of water and 55 tonnes of food to Ukraine, which included canned goulash and tuna, pasta, rusks, biscuits and cereal bars, more than 29,000 fruit purees for children and 40,000 baby milk formula. 

The humanitarian aid is delivered in partnership with the humanitarian organization CARE Germany and will provide more than 112,000 meals for adults. 

The aid was sent the same day to the cities of Kharkiv, Sumy, Kiev, Chernivtsi and other cities in eastern Ukraine. There, it will be distributed by volunteers and employees of the Ukrainian Red Cross to the affected population, especially those who have had to leave their homes and are displaced in accommodation centers and temporary shelters in Ukraine.

This is the seventh aid truck sent to Ukraine by the SRC. In recent weeks, the RKS has delivered 20,000 liters of water and juices to Ukraine through the Red Cross and Red Crescent movements.