CARE is a confederation of Members, Candidates and Affiliates regulated by a common Code. The Code is a core guiding document, subject to the statutes, that defines who CARE is, what binds us and how different parts of CI work together. The Code has been structured as follows:

Section I: Overview of CARE International- This section describes CARE’s Identity- its history, mission and principles. It also describes the architecture of the confederation.

Section II: Governance and Leadership- This section describes CI’s governance and leadership bodies. It also includes the CI Statutes which govern and legally bind the organisation.

Section III: Principles of Engagement- This section includes the principles of engagement agreed upon by the membership.

Section IV: Global Approaches- This section includes our strategic approaches, frameworks, guidelines, policies and procedures.

CARE Governance and Leadership Structure

CARE’s key governance and leadership bodies include:

The Supervisory Board, an independent body charged with strategic, operational, legal and financial oversight and advancing shared global priorities. The Supervisory Board meets quarterly. The Supervisory Board members include: 

From left to right: Arielle de Rothschild (Chair); Paul JansenDr Musimbi Kanyoro. Click on their pictures for full biography.


Stefanie Pfeil | ClientEarth

From left to right:​ Namrata Kaul; Marcos Athias NetoBright Simons, Iris Mwanza, Stefanie Pfeil. Click on their pictures for full biography. 

  • The Council, the highest authority of CARE International, which serves as a representative forum for the diverse, worldwide membership of CARE. The Council meets annually in June;
  • The National Directors Committee (NDC), the global leadership team made up of the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary-General and CEOs/National Directors of each Member and Candidate. Affiliates are sometimes invited to participate on relevant topics. The NDC convenes regularly to make joint management decisions and ensure effective coordination amongst Members. The NDC meets monthly (virtually) and in person twice a year;
  • The CI Secretariat supports the advancement of CARE’s joint global interests. It is overseen by the CI Supervisory Board and funded by the membership to convene global governance and leadership teams, define and advance shared strategic priorities as tasked by the membership, ensure accountability and coordinate the contributions of all parts of CI for joined up influencing, investment and impact.
  • Strategic Leadership Teams have been established to provide thought leadership, analysis and accelerated action on shared priorities. These interdisciplinary teams comprise of staff from across the confederation. There are 4 SLTs: Program Quality and Impact (PQ&I), Organisational Development and Accountability (OD&A), Humanitarian and Operations (H&O) and Fundraising and Mobilisation (F&M).

The CARE International Supervisory Board meets quarterly, and the Council meets annually in June.

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