Since 1989, CARE has been working with women from ethnic minority groups in the most remote areas of Vietnam to support them to have equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the country’s overall economic growth. Vietnam has 53 minority groups who make up about 15% of the population, each with their own languages, traditions and cultural norms. These groups often face the greatest poverty and discrimination, with women being doubly disadvantaged as a result of their gender and ethnicity.

CARE prioritises the poorest and most isolated women from ethnic minorities to work with. This includes women who are socially isolated, women who are land poor and women who are most affected by external hazards and shocks. CARE also works with men in ethnic minority communities to gain their support, as well as better-off ethnic minority communities who can influence change, and we promote partnerships with community-based groups and local NGOs.

Our work in Vietnam focuses on:

  • Gender-based violence
  • Economic opportunity
  • Women’s voice
  • Climate change
  • Civil society organisation strengthening

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CDC Building, No.25 Le Dai Hanh Street, 9th floor, Zone B1, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: + (844) 37 161 930



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