Participants reached in 2018

  • 147,849 direct
  • 1,147,154 indirect

Participants reached by program area

  • Women's economic empowerment
    • 14,427 direct
    • 48,264 indirect
  • The right to sexual, reproductive and maternal health
    • 17,785 direct
    • 84,134 indirect
  • The right to a life free from violence
    • 13,069 direct
    • 46,211 indirect
  • Food and nutrition security and climate change resilience
    • 19,390 direct
    • 34,049 indirect

Photo: Group discussion with pregnant women, Village Health Support Group (VHSG) volunteers and CARE Cambodia staff who attended Community Health Education sessions in Tany Village, Sre Ambel district, Cambodia. @Cesar Lopez Balan/CARE

Since emerging from war and internal conflict, Cambodia has experienced high levels of growth over the last two decades. Yet millions of people continue to live in extreme poverty. A lack of education and skills training means fewer job opportunities, with those in rural and isolated areas often the most affected. Since 1973, our work in Cambodia has shifted from emergency relief operations to longer-term projects in the areas of education, health and rural development.

Today, we’re working closely with some of the most affected – poor and vulnerable women, and marginalised ethnic minorities – to help provide tools for sustainable change.

Our work in Cambodia focuses on:

  • Health rights
  • Education
  • Gender-based violence
  • Economic opportunity
  • Women's voice
  • Humanitarian action
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