Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Photo: Displaced persons in the town of Kaya. 208 of them live in a small house for 4 persons initially. @CARE Niger-Burkina Faso

CARE has intervened in Burkina Faso for years through implementing partners. Indeed, two projects, namely WA-WASH (WASH) and IPAD (Women Empowerment), have been implemented in previous years. It was not until the end of 2018 that CARE decided to have a physical presence in Burkina Faso with the PRODIATA project. The general objective of PRODIATA is to contribute in the long term to facilitate an eased transboundary transhumance and to improve the nutrition of the coastal and pastoral populations. Its specific objective is for local, national and regional transboundary transhumance actors to engage in dialogue and good governance of agro-sylvo-pastoral resources and spaces, reducing the risks of conflict and improving food security. The intervention logic is based on the analysis of the beneficiaries' needs. It offers the means to reinforce the capacities and the legitimacy of the organizations of breeders, agro-pastoralists and farmers to carry the dialogue for a soothed transboundary transhumance.

Last week, CARE, through its ERF, started a humanitarian response with a budget of $65000. Shelters will be distributed as well as NFIs.

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