Participants reached in 2018

  • 7,774,836 direct
  • 23,735,092 indirect

Participants reached by program area

  • Humanitarian response
    • 473,792 direct
    • 179,093 indirect
  • Women's economic empowerment
    • 252,606 direct
    • 706,824 indirect
  • The right to sexual, reproductive and maternal health
    • 3,251,318 direct
    • 11,008,380 indirect
  • The right to a life free from violence
    • ​11,008,380 direct
    • ​244,052 indirect
  • Food and nutrition security and climate change resilience
    • 1,005,790 direct
    • 830,599 indirect

Photo: Children in Potibonia camp, on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar, holding CARE packages @Josh Estey/CARE

CARE started its operations in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in 1949. Today, CARE Bangladesh amplifies the voices of the poor and the marginalized in ways that influence public opinion, development practices, and policy at all levels by drawing on grassroots experience and relationships with civil society, government, and the private sector.

We have made a long-term commitment to specific marginalized and vulnerable groups to achieve a lasting impact on the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice.

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