Our Impact

In FY19, CARE and partners worked in 100 countries to reach 68 million people directly through 1,036 projects and initiatives. CARE also reached 401 million people indirectly through its advocacy, replication of successful programs and scale-up of innovations.

As part of our 2020 Program Strategy goals, CARE is committed to gathering evidence on lasting changes taking place in the lives of people living in poverty. To do this, we are tracking a set of 25 global indicators of change between 2014 and 2020. At present, we have been able to gather evidence in 81 countries and the data shows that CARE has contributed to significant improvements for over 130 million people in those countries.

CARE is one of the leaders among international NGOs in comprehensively reporting the impact of its work around the world. Despite our best efforts to gather information across more than 1,000 projects in over 100 countries, some of the data presented may be incomplete.

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