Get Involved

Get Involved

Around the world, CARE Members and Affiliates are organizing events, public speeches, challenge tours – all with the help of committed volunteers. They raise awareness, engage the public and bring the needs of poor people to the attention of politicians.  

If you are interested and want to become engaged, contact the CARE Member in your country.

Here are a few examples:


In 2011, CARE Australia launched the “Walk In Her Shoes” campaign, challenging people to walk 10,000 steps per day for a week while raising money to help empower women and girls to lift themselves out of poverty. Many corporate partners, a number of schools and 850 people in total participated. Today, “Walk In Her Shoes” events are now hosted in cities in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.

Join CARE Australia for Walk in Her Shoes 2019.   

Join CARE Canada for Walk in Her Shoes 2019.


During the global week of climate action from 20-27 September 2019, CARE supporters from Nigeria, Germany, UK, Uganda and Canada joined millions around the world for the Global Climate Strike. CARE International marched to call on government leaders to address the climate emergency with utmost priority and ensure climate justice for all. This campaign was led by CARE’s Climate Change and Resilience Platform (CCRP) that coordinates the integration of climate change and resilience across CARE’s development and humanitarian work.

Learn more about CARE's Climate work.


CARE International UK started the Life2Live campaign to raise vital funds to help women survive childbirth so they can give their children a healthy and secure start in life. The campaign highlight the risks faced by women and children in some of the world’s poorest and most remote communities in the world.

Learn more about the Life2Live campaign.


To celebrate the accomplishments of women and recognize the challenges they still face, CARE USA celebrated the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day by kicking off its annual conference. The annual event united hundreds of CARE supporters: individuals, partner organizations, donors and corporate partners. During the three-day event advocates learned about a range of CARE’s work and issues, including panels on social entrepreneurship, aid effectiveness and gender norms. Participants also heard from CARE President and CEO Helene Gayle, Melinda Gates, Co-chair and Trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Former First Lady Laura Bush. In addition, overseas staff from nearly 40 CARE countries, from Egypt to Afghanistan participated in the conference and shared their unique in-country perspective.

Attend the Care USA National conference.

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