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CARE works to fight poverty and achieve social justice.

We put women and girls in the center because we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

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How we fight poverty and inequality

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Fighting climate change impacts on women and girls

Women and girls are the first and the most impacted by the climate emergency. However, they are also fighting back - for themselves, their families, and the world. CARE has supported climate heroines to fight the exacerbation of climate change, adapt to its impacts and ensure their central voices are heard.

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A world of CARE

We seek to implement gender-responsive, locally-led and economic-efficient programs around the globe.

  • 62%

    of the direct participants of our programs are women and girls.

  • 96%

    of our staff members are from the country where they work.

  • 89%

    of all our funds go directly to program services.

Latest updates

Internally Displaced People wait their turn at a dignity kit distribution in Mudja, Goma
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DRC: Women and girls face escalating sexual and gender-based violence

Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo is fueling a severe humanitarian crisis, with women and girls bearing the brunt. Reports of sexual violence are surging, while millions face displacement and food insecurity. CARE calls for urgent action and increased funding to address the critical needs of vulnerable populations.

Said Makuna and her VSLA group in Tanzania

Our Vision 2030

Together with our partners, we commit to supporting 200 million people from vulnerable communities to fight poverty and social injustice. To date, we have helped over 52 million participants to promote lasting change in their lives, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. In this long-term effort, gender equality sits at the heart of our work.

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