The Most Under-Reported Humanitarian Crises of 2021

The sixth edition of “The World’s Most Under-Reported Crises” highlights the humanitarian crises that receive the least media coverage worldwide. Why is the public more interested in the billionaire’s space race than the fight for survival of millions of people around the world? The ongoing crisis in Syria – the second most widely reported humanitarian crisis after Afghanistan – still received less global online media coverage (230,000 articles) than the space flights of
Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos (239,422 articles). While Zambia, where more than one million people are living with extreme hunger, was only covered in 512 reports compared with the announcement that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are dating again, resulting in 91,979 online articles globally.

The global prioritisation of media coverage is astonishing to us and, as a humanitarian aid organisation, CARE is dedicated to shining a light on the world’s neglected crises as well as providing much-needed assistance to those living through them.