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CARE started work in: 1995

Belgium ranks 14 out of 189 on the Human Development Index (HDI). The CARE International Secretariat has a team in Brussels, with staff in Geneva, London, New York, and other CARE International locations. The Secretariat supports the effective coordination of the CARE International confederation.

About the CARE International Secretariat

The CARE International Secretariat comprises three legal entities in Belgium (CARE International aisbl - association internationale sans but lucratif),  Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with staff positioned in numerous other locations around the world.  

The Secretariat is led by CARE International’s Secretary General, based in Ecuador, and coordinates and supports the confederation to achieve common impact goals and shared global priorities, in line with our Mission, Vision and Values, and our Vision 2030 ambition.  

The Secretariat team in Brussels, Belgium is focused on representing and supporting the CARE confederation’s engagement with the European Union (EU), and influencing EU policies in line with CARE’s Vision 2030 priorities and in coordination with CARE International members and country offices. CARE International aisbl is also the registered parent of a number of CARE International country offices located in Africa, Asia and Latin America, operating them in close coordination with CARE International members.  

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On the occasion of the European Development Days (EDD) and World Environment Day, CARE International, CIDSE, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, ACT Alliance EU, WWF and GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice urge the European Union to step up its ambition in climate action.

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