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CHAD EU must not pressure refugee return to insecure areas

 21st Jul 2008    Chad

CHAD (July 21, 2008) – On the eve of a high-level meeting of Foreign Ministers from across the European Union (EU), CARE International is publishing a study calling on the EU to increase support for internally-displaced people (IDPs) in Chad. Most critically, the CARE report also calls on the EU ...

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HORN OF AFRICA Crises reach emergency levels

 2nd Jul 2008    Many

Large areas of the Horn of Africa are facing - or rapidly sliding into - a state of humanitarian emergency with more than 14 million people requiring urgent food aid and other humanitarian assistance over the coming months.

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INDONESIA CARE gives options for clean water to tidal flood affected communities

 5th Jun 2008    Indonesia

GENEVA (June 5, 2008) – The forecasted tidal flood in Jakarta and its surrounding areas have impacted thousands of people living in the coastal areas in north of Jakarta and Tangerang. The water level before peak time reached the height of an adult waist in Dadap village, Tangerang, Banten. Despite ...

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MYANMAR CARE calls Myanmar decision a potential turning point in aid response

 23rd May 2008    Myanmar

As little as US$20 will buy an agricultural toolkit for a family (shovel, hoe, machete and small hand tools). For Switzerland: CCP :17-586-625 and mention "Myanmar appeal". For other countries: please give through your nearest CARE Member.

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WEST AFRICA Food prices inflict increasing pain

 16th May 2008    Many

West Africa is bracing for continued food insecurity, with several countries already having experienced food riots this year. A joint survey by CARE and Oxfam shows that the crisis is likely to be worsened by conflicts in Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone and Mali as food and fuel prices escalate ...

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MYANMAR Hungry season looms in the country two weeks after cyclone

 16th May 2008    Myanmar

GENEVA (May 16, 2008) – The suffering inflicted by Cyclone Nargis almost two weeks ago is set to be compounded by the onset of Myanmar’s ‘hungry season’.

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MYANMAR CARE receives the support of the Canton of Geneva for its emergency response

 15th May 2008    Myanmar

According to official estimates, 30,000 lost their lives and 42,000 people are missing after Cyclone Nargis ravaged areas of Myanmar (Burma) on the weekend of 3 and 4 May. These figures are nonetheless lower than other estimates, which put the number of victims as high as 100,000 or more.

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MYANMAR Misery and devastation in the Irrawaddy Delta

 10th May 2008    Myanmar

GENEVA (May 10, 2008) – CARE’s emergency assessment teams have returned to Yangon from Myanmar’s Irrawaddy delta region with reports of massive destruction. ‘Whole towns and villages have been completely wiped out leaving the survivors with only what they have on their backs’, said CARE’s Country Director, Brian Agland.

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MYANMAR CAREs Country Director Speaks About The Long Road To Recovery

 9th May 2008    Myanmar

GENEVA (May 9, 2008) – Communication channels and infrastructure are slowly being repaired in Yangon allowing CARE’s Country Director, Brian Agland, to speak firsthand about life almost a week after Cyclone Nargis crossed the coastline.

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MYANMAR CARE provides lifesaving food and water to Cyclone Nargis survivors

 8th May 2008    Myanmar

GENEVA (May 8, 2008) – CARE distributed water supplies yesterday to approximately 10,000 people taking shelter in Pagodas and schools in Myanmar’s South Dagon and Thaketa townships.

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