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SRI LANKA CARE aid worker killed in conflict

 18th Mar 2009    Sri Lanka

CARE is mourning the loss of R. Sabesan, a humanitarian worker who was killed yesterday in the no-fire zone in the conflict-affected area of northern Sri Lanka known as the Vanni.

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CHAD CARE warns of possible spillover

 11th Mar 2009    Chad

N’DJAMENA, REPUBLIC OF CHAD (March 11, 2009) – CARE is expressing deep concern over the humanitarian situation in Darfur following the expulsion of non-governmental aid organisations from the region. A worst-case scenario could see the humanitarian situation again spill over into neighbouring countries like Chad.

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SUDAN CARE forced to cease all aid operations in North Sudan and Darfur

 6th Mar 2009    Sudan

GENEVA (March 6, 2009) – CARE has ceased all aid operations and is removing international staff from Sudan, following the Government of Sudan’s decision to revoke CARE’s licence to operate in the country. CARE is one of the largest aid agencies in Sudan, providing life-saving assistance to more than 1.5 ...

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SUDAN Statement from CARE regarding operations in Sudan

 4th Mar 2009    Sudan

CARE acknowledges receipt of a letter from the government of Sudan today cancelling our registration to operate in the country. We are assessing what this means for the 1.5 million people who now receive food, water, sanitation, livelihood, and health assistance from CARE. CARE is among a number of organizations ...

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ZIMBABWE Deadly cholera epidemic threatens to become an annual crisis

 18th Feb 2009    Zimbabwe

“Every single day, people are coming up to us, saying ‘help us!’. But we don’t have the supplies people need and we don’t have the money,” said Stephen Gwynne-Vaughan, Country Director for CARE in Zimbabwe. “Water and sanitation systems need to be repaired now, or this will become an annual ...

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DRC Peace deal a sign of hope but peace remains fragile

 22nd Jan 2009    Democratic Republic of Congo

Peace Deal between Government and Rebel Group is a Sign of Hope but Peace Remains Fragile while Civilians Continue to Suffer

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CARE assessment of humanitarian assistance

 21st Jan 2009    Palestine (West Bank/Gaza)

GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territories (January 21, 2009) – In one of the first rapid assessments of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, a shocking 89 percent of respondents to a CARE survey indicated that they have not received any humanitarian assistance since the conflict started Dec. 27.

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ZIMBABWE CARE takes emergency steps to prevent the spread of cholera during food distributions

 11th Dec 2008    Zimbabwe

Almost half the population, which is struggling under the weight of runaway inflation and crippling food shortages, will be dependent on food aid by January 2009. But mass food distributions, which involve large gatherings of people, is a perfect conduit for the spread of cholera if appropriate prevention measures aren’t ...

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UGANDA CARE distributes emergency supplies to DRC refugees

 5th Dec 2008    Many

Congolese refugees flooding into transit camps in neighbouring Uganda desperately need food and emergency supplies, says CARE emergency staff in Matanda transit camp. CARE has already distributed 2,000 tarps in the camp, after more than 11,000 people arrived here in the past week, fleeing the violence in the North Kivu ...

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World Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women More dangerous to be a woman than a soldier

 24th Nov 2008    Democratic Republic of Congo

November 24, 2008 – On the eve of the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, CARE staff report it is more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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