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New Report Climate Change is detectable driver of migration

 10th Jun 2009    Global

Unless aggressive measures are taken to halt global warming, the consequences for human migration and displacement could reach a scope and scale that vastly exceed anything that has occurred before. Climate

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PAKISTAN Aid critically needed for people sheltering outside official camps

 1st Jun 2009    Pakistan

This lush, green village should be a bucolic place. But it is full to bursting with some 30,000 people who have fled their homes.

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BANGLADESH Small island reportedly devastated in Bangladesh hit by cyclone

 26th May 2009    Bangladesh

More than 500,000 people have been displaced and at least 100 killed after Cyclone Aila slammed into Bangladesh and Eastern India yesterday, and information is still coming in of extensive damage in remote, low-lying islands.

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SRI LANKA Aid agencies urge government to lift restrictions as conditions in IDP camps deteriorate

 25th May 2009    Sri Lanka

Thousands of lives are at risk in Sri Lanka because aid to internally displaced people is being restricted by difficulties in securing access for staff and vehicles, 14 major international aid agencies said today.

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SRI LANKA CARE provides assistance for the 2nd wave of people fleeing the former conflict zone

 20th May 2009    Sri Lanka

With the end of the war in northern Sri Lanka, a second wave of more than 80,000 people are fleeing the former conflict zone and are in desperate need of food, water and shelter.

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SRI LANKA Water and sanitation critically needed for the war affected

 5th May 2009    Sri Lanka

While government authorities and UN and aid agencies prepare to receive the second wave of people from the conflict zone, water and sanitation are still in critically short supply in the existing camps.

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MYANMAR One year on from Cyclon Nargis and another emergency is brewing

 4th May 2009    Myanmar

MYANMAR (May 04, 2009) – Last Saturday marked one-year since Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar, killing over 78,000 people with another 56,000 still missing.

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SRI LANKA CARE scales up response as thousands flee conflict

 22nd Apr 2009    Sri Lanka

CARE is providing lifesaving food, emergency supplies and shelter to thousands of people who have escaped the conflict in northern Sri Lanka. Survivors are dehydrated, hungry and exhausted after being trapped for months in one of the worst conflicts in the world today.

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MADAGASCAR Humanitarian actors warn of impending catastrophe

 22nd Apr 2009    Madagascar

ANTANANARIVO (April 22, 2009) – Madagascar is facing an evolving humanitarian crisis of proportions unprecedented in its history. The country was already facing an extremely worrisome drought in the south, to which has been added the effects of cyclones and tropical storms while also being hit with food insecurity caused ...

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AFGHANISTAN CARE condemns international military attack on Afghan family

 10th Apr 2009    Afghanistan

KABUL (April 10, 2009) – Wednesday night, international military forces killed a family of five in the Afghan province of Khost. One of the victims was a female teacher working in a CARE supported school.

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