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TIMOR LESTE CARE Reports Calm Following Violent Events

 12th Feb 2008    Timor Leste

CARE, the largest international non-government organisation in Timor Leste (East Timor), reports that the situation in Dili remains calm following the violent events of Monday 11 February that injured Timor Leste's President José Ramos-Horta and left rebel leader Alfredo Reinado dead.

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CHAD CARE warns that instability threatens refugee lifeline

 8th Feb 2008    Chad

CHAD (February 8, 2008) – Stability in N’Djamena is crucial for the well-being of hundreds of thousands of refugees in Eastern and Southern Chad, CARE warned today. “N’Djamena is not only the primary route for most essential items for these refugee camps, it is key to ensuring security around Eastern ...

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Kenya A community comes to the rescue

 30th Jan 2008    Kenya

NAIROBI (January 30, 2008) – Dorah Nyanja is visibly moved as she recounts her ordeal though she can’t conceal a radiant smile. She is keenly aware that the community she serves protected her at a time when things were out of control and violence in Kibera made headlines news around ...

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CARE Norway names Mrs Marte Gerhardsen as its new secretary general

 14th Jan 2008    Global

"I am very excited to take on this challenging position" says Mrs Gerhardsen. "CARE is an exciting and strong organisation, and I look forward to making the organisation better known to the Norwegian people."

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Kenya violence has long term consequences

 14th Jan 2008    Kenya

NAIROBI (January 14, 2008) – In the aftermath of post-election violence, CARE staff visiting camps and settlements for internally displaced people in western Kenya have found a major crisis. Thousands of individuals and families are seeking refuge in churches, police stations and schools because their homes were destroyed.

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SOMALIA Aid agencies warn of impending humanitarian catastrophe as crisis deteriorates further

 30th Oct 2007    Somalia

39 NGOs warned of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Somalia and an impending humanitarian catastrophe.

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INDONESIA Earthquake Hit Island of Sumatra

 12th Sep 2007    Indonesia

GENEVA (September 12, 2007) – CARE is mobilizing its resources after an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of Southern Sumatra, Indonesia today.

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NICARAGUA Food Critical for Hurricane Felix Survivors

 10th Sep 2007    Nicaragua

People in isolated communities on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua are running out of food nearly a week after Hurricane Felix hit the region.

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PERU Earthquake CARE Assessment Teams Report Damage and Increased Need

 21st Aug 2007    Peru

CARE assessment teams in the communities hardest hit by Wednesday’s 8.0-magnitude earthquake along the south coast of Peru report that an estimated 30,000 families are without homes, and 80 percent of the buildings in Pisco and 25 percent in Ica have collapsed.

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SOUTH ASIA CARE launches appeal for more than 5 mio for floods

 8th Aug 2007    Many

CARE is launching an appeal for more than US$5 million to provide relief in South Asia, where floods are affecting an estimated 35 million people. CARE is currently providing emergency relief in Pakistan, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh, where millions of people in flood affected areas across the region are suffering ...

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