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Yemen: “Urgent funds needed to prevent total collapse”

Yemen 21st Apr 2017

CARE asks international governments to urgently scale up financial support at UN Pledging conference

Syria conference: Joint NGO statement by five NGOs

Syria 5th Apr 2017

CARE, IRC, NRC, Oxfam and SAVE joint reaction to the conference outcomes

Idlib attack illustrates a long way to reconstruction for Br...

Syria 5th Apr 2017

Tuesday, as Idlib was being bombed, the world gathered in Brussels to discuss Syria.

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Five answers on Yemen

Yemen 21st Apr 2017

CARE’s Karl-Otto Zentel has just returned from Yemen and answers five burning questions about the crisis affec...

Investing in the future: cash transforming women's lives

Zimbabwe 19th Apr 2017

This photo essay describes how CARE's cash transfer project is transforming lives in rural Zimbabwe

OPED: Syria Attack

Syria 10th Apr 2017

An oped that delves into the recent developments of the Syrian Crisis.

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CARE Syria Fact Sheet 2017

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