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“Cessation of hostilities” welcome, but at what price?

Syria 12th Feb 2016

CARE response to “cessation of hostilities” in Syrian conflict

CARE mobilizing aid as civilians flee advancing military and...

Syria 10th Feb 2016

The international aid agency, CARE, is mobilizing additional supplies to assist civilians trapped in the on-go...

Aid agencies: Impacted by war, 88 percent of Syrians in the...

Jordan 8th Feb 2016

Aid agencies CARE, NRC and RFSAN (FAO, iMMAP) release “The Forgotten South: Food Security and Livelihoods in s...

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How to turn a vision into reality

Global 11th Feb 2016

How can we utilise Ban Ki Moon’s vision to change the realities for those affected by war and disaster?

Finding water amidst the conflict

Yemen 11th Feb 2016

Nearly a year of intense conflict and bombing has destroyed water pipes, storage tanks and water pumping facil...

"If a person has nothing to eat, there is no solution for an...

Ethiopia 9th Feb 2016

Collective savings and access to loans have helped a group of women in Ethiopia cope longer with the ongoing d...

CARE International is a global confederation of 14 member organisations working together to end poverty.

In 2014, CARE worked in 90 countries around the world, supporting 880 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects, to reach more than 72 million people.

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The Forgotten South - Fact Sheet

Food Security and Livelihoods in Southern Syria. L...

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