Powerful role models inspire women to realize their dreams

Powerful role models inspire women to realize their dreams

CARE has organized five campaigns with powerful role models that inspire women from poor communities to realize their dreams for a better future through the development of small businesses. The campaigns took place in Peru, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Jordan, Burundi and Nepal and were received very positively in all countries.

Watch these powerful women sharing  their inspiration and admiration for each other.


The role models have an underprivileged background themselves and raise awareness regarding the barriers they have had to overcome to reach their full potential.  They have been selected through a voting process and got a platform to reach large amounts of women via television, film, videos, social media, radio and through life events and visits.

‘I have seen many women participate in trainings, but the amount of women who actually started doing something as a result of this was really little. Apart from training, women need to be inspired by women with real experiences to be triggered to take steps themselves.’ Thagani Harijan explains, role model in Nepal.

The campaigns put women entrepreneurs and their stories in the spotlight, creating an increased awareness about their potential and rights, as well as on conditions that are required for women to become successful as entrepreneurs.

‘You do not need grants in order to empower yourself, you need to change your mind-set and in that way change yourself,’ Kefah Ghannan explains, role model in Jordan. When women tap into their own inner strength and believe in themselves and each other, they take leadership in their lives and become successful entrepreneurs, regardless of background. For more info on CAREs work on business development for women, in partnership with the H&M Foundation, click here.

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