Impact stories

Read stories showcasing the human impact of CARE's work around the world.


EGYPT See the Sun Rising

Heba is a beautiful young woman in her late twenties. A blue head scarf with flowers frames her soft face and her fierce light brown eyes, coloured with eyeliner and mascara. She wears light jeans and a long blue dress. It is when she lifts her shirt and…


Welcome to Azraq

Welcome to Azraq. Jordan’s soon-to-be largest refugee camp is in its final stages of being built. The new camp will provide vital life-saving assistance and protection to an initial 51,000 refugees. The site could be expanded to support 130,000 refugees…


Two Times a Refugee

When I was a child my grandmother used to tell me how she felt when she was forced to flee to Syria from her home in Palestine in 1948. She hoped for her children and her grandchildren to never have to experience what it feels like to be a refugee. But…


Hidden Lives and the Struggle to Survive

Imagine your wife is sick. She has cancer. But you do not tell her, because you have no money to pay for her treatment. Your children cannot go to school. They have to work because you are injured and cannot generate an income for your family.