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Syrian Refugee Women's Roles

English: In April 2018, CARE Syria and CARE UK contracted GK Consulting LLC (US) to conduct a research study on changing gender roles and norms amongst Syrian women refugees. This research was an extension of CARE’s 2018-2019 Syria Resilience Researc


SDG Impact Report 2019

English: CARE’s SDG Impact CARE’s SDG Impact CARE and Partners’ Contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals Introduction and methodology CARE’s 2020 program strategy aims to help tackle the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice, as



Spanish: Impacto de CARE hacía los ODS Impacto de CARE hacía los ODS Las Contribuciones de CARE y sus Socios hacía los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible Introducción y metodología La estrategia de programas CARE 2020 tiene como objetivo ayudar a abo


The Delhi Resolution

English: The Delhi Resolution of the CI Board (8 November 2014) No single element of CARE 2020 is more transformational for us than building our non-OECD membership in CARE. We are convinced that doing this will have a profound impact on our ability


Cairo Compact

We developed this compact to communicate who we are and what we believe, reflect our commitments to each other and to CARE International, and make recommendations for broader organizational change by all parts of CARE.