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South Africa

CARE started work in: 1993

South Africa ranks 117 out of 189 on the Human Development Index (HDI). CARE International works in South Africa with national partners to implement projects related to food and nutrition security and the climate emergency resilience.

What CARE International does in South Africa

CARE International first began work in South Africa in 1993. Today, our work in the country is mainly through national partners with similar goals of achieving victories over widespread poverty. Current projects implemented through our strategic partners are related to food and nutrition security and building resilience to the climate emergency.

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DURBAN Climate Change Conference 4 days left

DURBAN (December 6, 2011) – As ministers arrive for the official stage of the climate change conference in Durban, South Africa, CARE expresses deep concern over that fact that the past eight negotiation days have been overshadowed by a clear lack of urgency and ambition.