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CARE started work in: 2019

Senegal ranks 168 out of 189 on the Human Development Index (HDI).

What CARE International does in Senegal

CARE International first began working in Senegal in 2019. Our work in Senegal is mainly through national partners who share similar goals of achieving victories over widespread poverty.  

After contributing to a study regarding the adoption of women’s savings groups by governments, CARE International was invited by the Small Enterprise Evaluation Project (SEEP) network to help establish a government-based peer learning group, exploring how integrating savings groups as a vehicle through which people can graduate from social protection programs. Senegal is one of the countries where this study was undertaken. 

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Job opening: Senegal Exploration Consultancy

The Senegal Exploration Consultant will identify Senegalese organisations, with a rights-based focus guided by feminist principles that may be interested in and meet the criteria of potential Affiliation with CARE’s global confederation.