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ETHIOPIA Nutrition a lifeline for mothers and children

 4th Jan 2010    Ethiopia

Seated on the floor of the Kuni Town Health Centre, in Gemechis woreda, Halima Dawit shared the tragic story of Khadija’s life. Six months ago shortly after Khadija was born, her mother – Halima’s daughter – died. A happy event had turned to tragedy. Halima took up the role of ...

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UGANDA Campaigning against sexual and gender based violence

 2nd Dec 2009    Uganda

Lee Webster, from our London office, is joining women activists, all survivors of rape, who are embarking on a four-day march from their home in the conflict-affected north to the capital Kampala to meet their politicians and say enough is enough.

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KENYA 16 Days of Activism

 25th Nov 2009    Kenya

On 25 November - the International Day to End Violence Against Women - was launched the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women.

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ETHIOPIA A remarkable pastoralist woman in Darara

 25th Nov 2009    Ethiopia

Dama Godana knows all too well how difficult the life of a pastoralist woman is. In addition to the usual daily household chores of cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children, she has to walk long distances to fetch water and pasture for the small and weak animals during ...

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KOSOVO Farm Holidays in Novo Brdo

 18th Nov 2009    Kosovo

Xhema loves his wife and he loves her “Maze”. No-one else – as he points out – can cook this traditional Kosovar dish as well as Tevide. Nowadays not only his family eats this tasty dish, visitors from all over Kosovo have confirmed his bold statement.

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ETHIOPIA Ebrahim's journey

 27th Oct 2009    Ethiopia

Twenty-five years ago, during the infamous 1984 famine in Ethiopia, Ebrahim Jemal’s life was saved by emergency food distributed by CARE International. Today he has come full circle, working for CARE to strengthen the livelihoods of people in his community so that they can protect themselves from future emergencies.

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INDIA A dark Diwali

 14th Oct 2009    India

The entire country is preparing to celebrate Diwali – the Indian festival of lights. So was Masamma, a 75-year-old grandmother who lives with her son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters. However, fate had other plans for her as all her plans for celebrations have now been washed away along with her ...

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LAOS What the river gives and takes away

 13th Oct 2009    Laos

Mrs Kiang makes her way down to the river with a blue mosquito net hanging over her shoulder. ‘What have you got that for?’ Noi, part of the CARE team assessing the area in Laos, asks her. ‘I found it and am going to wash it in the river and ...

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INDIA Childhood interrupted

 13th Oct 2009    India

When I visited the village of Chabolu, I was struck by the wide spread destruction caused by the flooding of river Thungabhadra and Krishna. This village is situated between both the rivers and the backwaters have caused massive destruction. Acres of paddy fields are submerged in water and all the ...

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INDIA Swept away by floods

 12th Oct 2009    India

Ramullama and her neighbor Mangamma have not come to terms with the events of the past few days. They continue to sit out side of their homes that have been completely devastated by the floods. Ramullama and Mangamma are fisherwomen and live in the remote Amaragiri village in the Kolapur ...

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