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INDONESIA Eyewitness report from the disaster zone

 2nd Oct 2009    Indonesia

At 9:00 pm local time, on Thursday, October 1, CARE worker Bahtra Tarigan arrived at the airport in Padang on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia with the rest of the CARE emergency response team. There is no power and no functional communications. By texting on his cell phone, Bahtra has ...

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VIETNAM The worst typhoon in decades

 30th Sep 2009    Vietnam

Typhoon Ketsana, which caused such horrific damages in the Philippines, has now hit Vietnam. It is officially the worst typhoon that some areas of Vietnam has seen in decades. As it slammed through the small island nation of the Philippines, we in Vietnam braced for what we knew would soon ...

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INDONESIA Tsunami five years later

 19th Sep 2009    Indonesia

It was high noon in Banda Aceh, a city that was devastated by the great tsunami in late 2004. The capital of the northernmost province on Sumatra and in Indonesia sounds rather quiet. For the past five years, it has struggled to re-emerge. Today, rows of new buildings are seen ...

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NIGER Microcredit gives more political power to women

 15th Sep 2009    Niger

In 1992, when the idea of a microcredit and savings programme emerged from the first project in the Maradi Region (in south central Niger), it was hard to imagine that its impact on rural women would

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TANZANIA A river a forest an idea

 8th Sep 2009    Tanzania

If Simon Damian would be a farmer in Europe, he would drive with his big tractor over his vast green fields and harvest his crop by using the latest modern technology

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GEORGIA One year after the conflict

 14th Aug 2009    Georgia

One year has passed since the conflict sparked between Georgia and Russia. Running from their homes on both sides of the fighting, over 130,000 people ended up in the homes of relatives, in music schools, fire stations, abandoned hospitals, factories and tents. Although the conflict lasted just seven days, hundreds ...

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VIETNAM The typhoon destroyed our houses and our land

 14th Jul 2009    Vietnam

The strengthening of typhoons with climate change is disastrous to the communities living near the coast. In Pham Thi Tuyen’s commune Da Loc, 250 ha of land became useless and have thrown people into deep poverty.

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PAKISTAN Blogs and stories from the conflict zone

 7th Jul 2009    Pakistan

CARE staff are on the ground in Pakistan responding to the needs of families and communities who have been displaced by the conflicts. These are their blogs and stories from survivors.

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PAKISTAN The unseen toll of conflict psychological trauma

 16th Jun 2009    Pakistan

The conflict raging in parts of northwestern Pakistan has not only forced thousands of people to flee their ancestral villages, it has also deprived them of their spiritual assets: their identity and personality.

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BANGLADESH Nurjahans struggle for survival

 8th Jun 2009    Bangladesh

Cyclone Aila struck southern Bangladesh on 25 May, devastating thousands of households and increasing the vulnerability of people living in the char (islands built up from silt in a river) regions of Bangladesh. A large number of homes are now underwater. The chars are remote and disconnected from all modern ...

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