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NIGER Survival in Guilley the power of women

 10th May 2010    Niger

Guilley, a village deep in Niger, reflects the impact of the food crisis that 6,130 villages are living through in Niger. But Guilley also reflects the resilience and the resourcefulness of women in coping through crises in the Sahel.

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MALI A day in the life of Hawa

 3rd May 2010    Mali

It’s four o’clock in the morning and Hawa Hamadou Dibo has just woken up in the little house she shares with her husband and their two children. The house, which only has two rooms, is on the outskirts of the village Ouo Saré in Mali. It’s still dark outside when ...

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KENYA Saving Lake Naivasha Hellens story

 21st Apr 2010    Kenya

Lake Naivasha is a beautiful lake in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Unfortunately, for many years Naivasha has been shrinking, and its waters have become more polluted.

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HAITI CARE Womens centres A space to speak freely

 19th Apr 2010    Haiti

They were sitting on wooden chairs beneath two large mango trees next to a little banana plantation: a group of 35 women and 10 men

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MALAWI Margarets saving grace

 13th Apr 2010    Malawi

Throughout the small region of Chakhaza in Malawi there are generations of women who were never able to finish primary school. They live in some of the poorest communities in the country, and sadly, in the past have lacked opportunities to help their families escape the cycle of poverty

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DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Step by step we expel poverty

 7th Apr 2010    Democratic Republic of Congo

Salufa, Marianne and Sifa live in a country where as women they have little chance to develop themselves. They have all seized the opportunity to try to do that. All three women are part of a savings and loan group in the vast, often inaccessible rural areas around Mongomba

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HAITI Blogs and stories about the Haiti earthquake

 7th Apr 2010    Haiti

CARE International has launched an emergency operation to provide assistance to the people of Haiti, hit by a dramatic earthquake on Tuesday, January 12th. According to the latest estimates, more than 3.7 million people are in need of assistance. The Haitian government (as of 10 February) reports that 212,000 people ...

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NEPAL Tears of Joy

 27th Feb 2010    Nepal

Yasodha Ojha, an auxiliary nurse mid-wife (ANM), works in Mauwanagardaha health post in Doti district since past several years. She is known in the area for being kind and helpful. In this course that she met a fifth time pregnant,

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MALAWI Fill hearts minds and bellies

 12th Jan 2010    Malawi

In developed countries, your earning potential is often based on the number of diplomas you have. But in rural Malawi, completing even a primary education is one of the most precious things anyone can achieve. For most girls there, getting even that single diploma is a rarity.

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ETHIOPIA Straddling the hunger gap

 4th Jan 2010    Ethiopia

As we arrive at the CARE warehouse, colourful crowds of people are already gathering at the gates. Today is the sixth, monthly round of emergency food distributions to some of the most vulnerable people in Alowa Gora kebele, in Chiro, Ethiopia.

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