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NIGER Its time the world helped

 12th Jul 2010    Niger

Niger is a country of contrasts. Rich in newly found uranium and oil but its people crushingly poor. Villagers wear beautiful, brightly coloured clothing against a desolate desert background, seemingly devoid of life.

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BANGLADESH The wheel of fortune Ayshas story

 7th Jul 2010    Bangladesh

In the village of Aloarchar, under the union of Porabari, Tangail District, there is a house, wherein is spinning a wheel of fortune – and wherein is brewing a remarkable story of transformation.

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NIGER The heir of Sayam

 5th Jul 2010    Niger

It’s 10 am and a powerful sun is already burning the nature around Sayam "Forage", a village located 50 kms north of the town of Diffa, eastern Niger

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VIETNAM Early morning sunlight

 29th Jun 2010    Vietnam

It has been nearly one year since I met Nguyet but I still remember our first meeting exactly. That day, travelling from the hub of Ho Chi Minh City in the early morning, we arrived at the office of the Morning Sunlight self-help group for people living with HIV at ...

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WORLD REFUGEE DAY The scars never go away

 21st Jun 2010    Many

Derreck fled from Uganda to escape the Idi Amin Regime. He spent 10 years as a refugee in Kenya before immigrating to the United States. Today Derreck works for CARE as Senior Advocacy Field Coordinator responsible for recruiting and mobilizing American constituencies to influence policy in favour of International development.

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INDIA Who says girls cant shoulder family responsibilities

 15th Jun 2010    India

Bubbly, 15 is the eldest among her siblings, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. She hails from Aherori block of District Hardoi, located in Uttar Pradesh, one of the most backward states in India in terms of human development indicators.

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NIGER One step closer to the edge

 2nd Jun 2010    Niger

The only thing Attahirou Roro can do with his dried-up crops is to use them as material for the walls of his little hut. Too little rain during the last planting season meant diminished crops

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MALAWI Today I can help my friends

 31st May 2010    Malawi

Many years ago in a small village an hour outside of the Malawian capital of Lilongwe, a young girl named Giliseliya was forced to leave school after her older sister had a baby. Overnight she became a caregiver instead of a student and lost her hope of finishing school. Today, ...

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NIGER No words to describe the tragedy happening here

 26th May 2010    Niger

“We are in a situation of famine. No words exist to describe the tragedy happening in the houses you see here,” says 46-year-old dad of eight Alhou Abdou.

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NIGER Crisis in Mani Ada

 10th May 2010    Mali

“My two small fields produce 80 bales of millet on average each year. This year, I only harvested one bale,” said Aichatou Saidou, seated on a mat, her gaze fixed somewhere in the dusty sky of Mani Ada, a village in the commune of Bagaroua, in the region of Tahoua.

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