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HAITI Stories about the cholera outbreak and one year on

 24th Nov 2010    Haiti

If a writer was looking to name the protagonist of a story set in post-quake Haiti, he or she could not have chosen better. Max Charitable is part of CARE’s health team in Léogâne, a town west of Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince that suffered major damage from the January 12 earthquake. ...

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HAITI Responding to cholera

 12th Nov 2010    Haiti

The sun is shining, dogs are barking, and the wind is blowing. This could be a normal day in Gonaïves. But it’s not. Streets are empty, kids are not in school and mothers are concerned. As I was with a Community Volunteers team, we were training women on how to ...

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PAKISTAN Home is where the heart is

 26th Oct 2010    Pakistan

Rajab is exhausted, and so his family. They are on their way to home from the middle of nowhere. The flood had forced them to leave their village, their belongings and their home.

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BENIN Surviving the Oueme river

 26th Oct 2010    Benin

On the banks of a shaded pier, the few pirogues (local canoe) are still motionless in the sunny morning of yet another October day. Soon, the silence of the sandy piers will be replaced by a happy hubbub and conversations of women who will step over the many hulls to ...

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AFGHANISTAN A quality life

 20th Oct 2010    Afghanistan

A young boy of about seven runs into the room. He pauses for a moment, eyeing the visiting strangers, then with a mischievous grin climbs into the chair and starts running the sewing machine on the table. Nazifa gently chides him from her place on the cushions on the floor, ...

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 13th Oct 2010    Haiti

Eight months after the earthquake in Haiti, what are the main difficulties for aid organizations in preparing the population to better face future disasters?

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VIETNAM Improving the early warning capacity of fishing communities

 13th Oct 2010    Vietnam

On a pebbled beach, Vietnamese fishermen scratch barnacles from the hulls of vessels propped up on wooden blocks. They scour their bottoms using stones and chisels, picking at the tiny crustaceans trapped between the planks of wood, before reapplying a waterproof seal.

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BALKANS Discarded by life

 6th Oct 2010    Many

Gray clouds pass by above gray barracks. Chapped paint at the house walls, broken window panes, next to it a huge pile of rubbish where a scrubby dog is searching for food remains. Only the colourful bed varnishes are a sign that someone still lives here.

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AFGHANISTAN Kabuls raging Granny

 29th Sep 2010    Afghanistan

Roshan has had a hard life. Her parents and brother were killed in conflicts. She was married at the age of 17. Her husband was a good man. After the fall of the Taliban, he became a driver for the district chief of police. Then one day insurgents ambushed his ...

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UN MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS Partnering change around the world

 21st Sep 2010    India

Can a woman in New York, the cultural and financial centre, have anything in common with a woman from a village in Chattisgarh, a state where the maternal mortality rate is 335 per 100,000 live births and 75 out of every thousand babies die before their first birthday? Yes! The ...

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