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LIBERIA I feel safe

 30th Aug 2011    Many

Polou is a 26 year old Ivorian, and a single mother of six young children. She fled Ivory Coast in May and sought refuge in Grand Gedeh, south eastern

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KENYA I am an aid worker and a refugee

 18th Aug 2011    Kenya

Fatuma Adan Mohammed is a CARE Community Development Worker working with CARE’s Prevention of Sexual and Gender-based Violence program in Dagahaley camp, Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya, where nearly 100,000 refugees have arrived from Somalia this year alone, fleeing famine, drought and conflict. More than 1,600 refugees work for CARE in ...

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KENYA A picture of strength and perspective

 15th Aug 2011    Kenya

I have just visited Balich Village in Garissa district, North Eastern Province of Kenya. Inhabitants of Balich belong to the Somali-Bantu community, an ethnic minority which is highly marginalized.

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SOMALIA Famine declared in three additional regions

 5th Aug 2011    Somalia

Famine was officially declared in three additional regions of South-Central Somalia, adding even more urgency to CARE’s call for a rapid and ramped-up response from the international community.

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KENYA Blogs from Dadaab refugee camp

 12th Jul 2011    Many

Emergency Media Officer Alexandra Lopoukhine describes the situation in Dadaab refugee camp, northern Kenya, where nearly 1,500 people are arriving each day.

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SOUTH SUDAN Welcoming the worlds newest country

 11th Jul 2011    Many

On July 9, the Republic of South Sudan has become the world’s newest country, after the historic vote for independence earlier this year. The people of South Sudan are looking hopefully to the future, but many challenges lie ahead.

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COTE DIVOIRE Traumatic violence and a place to be heard

 9th Jul 2011    Côte d’Ivoire

Bobbing in and out of his chair, a spritely six-year-old boy answers “Mignon” when asked his name. Mignon means “cute” in French. The name suits him, but unfortunately his life has become anything but cute.

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SUDAN Families flee deadly fighting

 24th Jun 2011    Sudan

CARE is providing emergency assistance to families who have crossed into Southern Sudan desperately trying to escape the violence and we are calling for the protection of civilians. Women and girls are at particular risk, with new mothers and pregnant women walking for days to reach safety

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YEMEN Humanitarian needs dramatically increasing

 23rd Jun 2011    Yemen

Popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt sparked events in Yemen when in January 2011 thousands of Yemenis took to the streets in Sana'a the capital and other cities to protest a controversial constitutional amendment allowing President Ali Abdullah Saleh to run for another term (continuing his rule since 1978).

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KENYA We need to build sustainability

 27th May 2011    Kenya

In the last year, the short rains have failed and the long rains that were supposed to come this year have been very poor in a number of regions. This means that pasture for livestock is scarce and water resources are depleted.

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