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ETHIOPIA Food prices add to crisis

 17th Jul 2008    Ethiopia

When one-year old Nebele Kadir arrived at CARE’s stabilisation centre in Haramaya, East Hararghe, 10 days ago, she was almost comatose. Weighing 2.5kg, she was smaller than many newborn babies. Along with the other twenty-eight inpatients of the centre, she is severely malnourished, a victim of the food crisis engulfing ...

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UGANDA Saving money for her family

 17th Jul 2008    Uganda

Angrace lives with her four children in the north east of Uganda. With no husband she is left to provide for the whole family.

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AFGHANISTAN Mujda means good news for schoolgirls

 26th May 2008    Afghanistan

In a one-room mud schoolhouse in rural Afghanistan, a group of young girls are learning a new word in their native Dari: Mujda. It means good news – not a word one might think would be very useful in a place like this, where decades of fighting and natural disasters ...

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SRI LANKA From untouchables to leaders

 5th May 2008    Sri Lanka

More than 150 years ago, M. Sasikala’s ancestors were shipped from India to work on the tea plantations high in the hills of central Sri Lanka. They had no rights, no land of their own, and were essentially treated as slaves – no access to the services provided to Sri ...

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 28th Apr 2008    Afghanistan

When I’m hungry, it feels hard in my stomach. I want to cry, and I wonder why my mother doesn’t give me more food.

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ETHIOPIA Fighting for the rights of girls

 22nd Feb 2008    Ethiopia

On the dry and dusty floor of the Ethiopian Rift Valley, the reality of discrimation is starkly apparent. For girls here, it begins at birth. When a boy is born, there is clapping, shouting and singing, and celebratory shots are fired in the air.

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INDIA Sukmati realises her potential

 6th Feb 2008    India

Coming from an extremely poor family, the road to holding office in the local village council (Panchayat) was a long and arduous one for Sukmati.

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