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ZAMBIA A tale of two schools

 27th Oct 2008    Zambia

The school motto, printed on the white board in the little school office, is simple: “Education is a necessity”. It is appropriate. A firm belief in that simple truth led the people of this community in Chipata, Zambia, to establish the Mchini Basic School for orphans and vulnerable children.

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RWANDA Building a life from scratch

 21st Oct 2008    Rwanda

Canizius Ukurikiyimana was only 19-years-old when he was forced to leave Tanzania and resettle in Rugeyo, a small village in Rwanda’s eastern province. He is one of many thousands of Rwandans who were expelled from Tanzania in late 2006, leaving almost everything he worked for and loved behind. For Canizius, ...

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Financial crisis threatens human rights and gains made fighting poverty in poor countries

 17th Oct 2008    USA

Last week the US government provided another bail-out of $37.8 billion to the giant insurance company, AIG, bringing the total of rescue loans to that one company in the last two weeks to nearly $123 billion.

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NEPAL Saving the Koirala family

 7th Oct 2008    Nepal

It was still raining heavily when the 16-member Koirala family went to bed on the night of September 19. Just before retiring, Laxmi Koirala silently prayed to the rain gods. Incessant rain at this time of the year only meant two things – flooding and ruined rice fields, just before ...

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HAITI A firm-handed woman

 6th Oct 2008    Haiti

Moving energetically, she hoists big cans of cooking oil, passing them to women who divide them among themselves, along with the food distributions they’ve received. Sylvie Clermont is dripping with sweat. It is 40°C and today the distribution is taking place in the open, not a shady spot in sight. ...

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HAITI The courage to save herself and others

 24th Sep 2008    Haiti

Islande Bonne Joseph is sitting in front of me wearing a pretty checked dress, her hair carefully tied back. Her huge smile is warm and heartfelt. Dressed in her Sunday clothes Islande may look timid, but this young woman is anything but. When Hurricane Ike hit Gonaives in Haiti, Islande ...

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ZAMBIA A COMACO success story

 24th Sep 2008    Zambia

Matteo Zulu points out over his fields. They don’t look like much now, still dry and barren from the cold season, but come the rains these fields will flood and become ideal for growing four acres of the best rice you’ve ever tasted. Matteo is a walking profile of success ...

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ZAMBIA Overcoming HIV AIDS Christines story

 17th Sep 2008    Zambia

The road to Kabiya village, in the eastern province of Zambia, is red and dusty. Tobacco fields stretch off in either direction. Christine Jere sits on the ground outside her mud-and-thatch hut in Kabiya and tells the story of how she nearly died of AIDS.

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INDIA In times of flooding life goes on

 9th Sep 2008    India

“I have never experienced such fear as I did in the last few days,” says the very soft-spoken Sarita Devi, a resident of Majura village, in the flooded district of Supaul, Bihar state. “I was full-term pregnant when the waters began to rise.”

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INDIA Fighting to reach dry land

 4th Sep 2008    India

The desolation and pain in the eyes of Rihana Kahtun is palpable. I met her in Triveniganj, where she was sitting by the banks of the furious Kosi river, staring vacantly ahead. After a bit of prodding, she shared her encounter with one of the worst floods that India has ...

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