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INDIA A long time to heal

 2nd Jun 2009    India

“I will never forget 25th May for the rest of my life, especially how my life changed within a matter of few hours,” says Sheikh Ahmedullah, reliving those moments when his entire household and his meagre belongings were swept away.

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SRI LANKA A childrens horror story

 31st May 2009    Sri Lanka

I thought it was an innocent question: what’s your favourite story? But for a group of children who have lived a real-life horror story, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the answer.

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SRI LANKA Daring to hope

 12th May 2009    Sri Lanka

I didn’t notice anything different about her, at first; 10-year-old Priyana* is a beautiful, perfect little girl, and her face lit up as she smiled at me.

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SRI LANKA Facing the future alone

 11th May 2009    Sri Lanka

Cradling her two-month-old son in her arms, Laxmi* smiled as the baby yawned and reached for her. “I am happy we are safe,” she said softly, sitting on a mat in an emergency tent. “I only wish my husband could have met his son.

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SRI LANKA Manik Farm a day in zone 02

 4th May 2009    Sri Lanka

Manik Farm, the largest of the camps, has become a vast sea of emergency tents. It is here, in “zone 02”, where most of the new arrivals from the conflict zone

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MYANMAR Cyclone Nargis one year one

 4th May 2009    Myanmar

The other day, I was asked if I would consider writing about the one year anniversary of Cyclone Nargis. My initial reaction was to think, “Why me?”

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SRI LANKA Walking into the unknown but with hopes to live

 28th Apr 2009    Sri Lanka

heir migration out of the conflict zone was a desperate experience – a dreadful but unavoidable test. Finally, they started but did not look back. They didn’t know

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VIETNAM Soybeans and gender equity

 22nd Apr 2009    Vietnam

Livelihoods and Rights Clubs (LARC) in Tet village, Nong Ha commune, Cho Moi district, Bac Kan province, Vietnam

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VIETNAM Improving the lives of villagers

 14th Apr 2009    Vietnam

Participatory Watershed Management in Nghia village, Ban Cong commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam.

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MOZAMBIQUE CARE helps rural women find economic security

 9th Mar 2009    Mozambique

In the community of Mabote the Xindzala baskets of Mozambique have a long tradition. “My grandmother used to wrap her children in blankets and carry them on her head in bigger versions of the same baskets we make today,” says the village association president Lucia Lazo

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