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VIETNAM Improving the lives of villagers

 14th Apr 2009    Vietnam

Participatory Watershed Management in Nghia village, Ban Cong commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam.

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MOZAMBIQUE CARE helps rural women find economic security

 9th Mar 2009    Mozambique

In the community of Mabote the Xindzala baskets of Mozambique have a long tradition. “My grandmother used to wrap her children in blankets and carry them on her head in bigger versions of the same baskets we make today,” says the village association president Lucia Lazo

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MOZAMBIQUE Families move away from the edge of malnutrition

 3rd Mar 2009    Mozambique

In the district of Meconta, in the Nampula province of Mozambique, most families live on less than one dollar a day

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ZIMBABWE Cholera epidemic

 17th Feb 2009    Zimbabwe

By Julia Newton-Howes, the chief executive of CARE in Australia. She is currently visiting CARE projects in Zimbabwe. The cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe so far has affected 70,640 people and caused the death of more than 3,400 persons (WHO figures, as of February 9th, 2009).

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WEST BANK GAZA Staff blogs about the conflict

 29th Jan 2009    Palestine (West Bank/Gaza)

Jawad Harb is a Palestinian living in Rafah, Gaza, with his wife and six children. Harb has worked with CARE since 2002, managing a program supporting women’s centres in Gaza. Since the conflict began Dec. 27, Harb’s program has stopped operating because of the constant bombing.Throughout the 22-day conflict, Harb ...

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COTE DIVOIRE A garden of cohesion

 29th Dec 2008    Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire was once recognized as a model of political stability and economic prosperity in West Africa. However, since 1999 it has been host to political and ethnic conflicts that have resulted in the displacement of thousands of people. Despite this difficult situation many women and men continue to strive ...

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PAPUA NEW GUINEA Building a better life in rural areas

 17th Dec 2008    Papua New Guinea

'Often I don’t sleep at night as I dream of new things, new possibilities’, says Mariana when asked about the future of her children. Four years after the Backyard

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 10th Dec 2008    Democratic Republic of Congo

"I am from the village of Ntamugenga which is near Rutshuru. On the 28th October during the night there was a lot of shooting during the night and when we heard it we were very worried and didn’t know what to do. There was then more than just shooting, there ...

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MOZAMBIQUE Preventing and treating HIV AIDS

 1st Dec 2008    Mozambique

At 22 years old, Matilde Alfiado and her friends aren’t afraid to ask for condoms. In the northern Mozambican costal village of Vilanculos, HIV/AIDS prevalence has reached 12.5% and general understanding of HIV is low.

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MOZAMBIQUE Bringing back hope

 26th Nov 2008    Mozambique

Two years ago, 28 year-old Jose Cossa, thought his life was over. He was tired and afraid, his girlfriend had left him and he lost his job because he was too sick to get up to go to work. He had contracted tuberculosis as a secondary infection to what was ...

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