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PERU Earthquake CARE Assessment Teams Report Damage and Increased Need

 21st Aug 2007    Peru

CARE assessment teams in the communities hardest hit by Wednesday’s 8.0-magnitude earthquake along the south coast of Peru report that an estimated 30,000 families are without homes, and 80 percent of the buildings in Pisco and 25 percent in Ica have collapsed.

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SOUTH ASIA CARE launches appeal for more than 5 mio for floods

 8th Aug 2007    Many

CARE is launching an appeal for more than US$5 million to provide relief in South Asia, where floods are affecting an estimated 35 million people. CARE is currently providing emergency relief in Pakistan, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh, where millions of people in flood affected areas across the region are suffering ...

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PAKISTAN Case Study Bakht Ali an Orphan Caught in the Floods

 24th Jul 2007    Pakistan

Bakht Ali, 5, used to live with his parents in Shahi Gadroo village in Pakistan's Sindh Province. Bakht's father worked cultivating farm land for the village land owner.

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MALI NIGER BURKINA FASO Food Crisis Is Inevitable In Africas Poorest Nations

 10th Jul 2007    Many

Devastating but preventable food crises will hit the world's poorest countries yet again because of a failure to address the root causes of the problem.

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PAKISTAN Case Study of a Widow Surviving the Flood

 8th Jul 2007    Pakistan

Naz Bibi, a 45-year old widow, was living with her two young children in the village of Jhangeer Khan Khosoo in Shadadkot, one of the districts that has been most affected by recent flooding in Pakistan’s Sindh Province.

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MOZAMBIQUE CARE Aids Cyclone Survivors

 7th Mar 2007    Mozambique

MOZAMBIQUE (March 7, 2007) – The Category 4 cyclone that struck Mozambique in late February followed severe floods that had already devastated the poverty-stricken country. CARE predicts a long and slow recovery for people in the hardest hit areas. The humanitarian organization is seeking to help those affected meet immediate ...

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INDONESIA CARE provides emergency assistance to flood victims

 5th Feb 2007    Indonesia

INDONESIA (February 5, 2007) – CARE is distributing food and water purification solution to more than 15,000 flood-affected people in the district of Tangerang, Indonesia, after the worst floods to hit Jakarta in five years. Entire parts of the city are underwater, with the water levels reaching as high as ...

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KENYA Care Regional Director Tragically Killed in Nairobi

 28th Jan 2007    Kenya

KENYA (January 28, 2007) – Geoffrey Chege, a 25-year veteran of CARE, was killed on 28 January in Nairobi during a car jacking attempt. Chege directed CARE USA's programmes in East and Central Africa. He would have turned 57 in March.

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SOMALIA CARE Presses for Humanitarian Access

 17th Jan 2007    Somalia

The installation of the Transitional Federal Government in Mogadishu has put an end to large-scale military confrontation, at least for the time being, but an estimated 1.8 million Somalis are still at risk because of natural disasters which ravaged the country throughout much of 2006.

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