CARE statement regarding the continued bombing of civilians in Palestine-Israel

 Palestine (West Bank/Gaza)
 AdvocacyEmergency Response,
 17th May 2021

The continued bombing of civilians in Gaza and attacks on civilians in the West Bank, in East Jerusalem and inside Israel is unacceptable. CARE calls on all parties to respect International Humanitarian Law and uphold their obligation to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure. As of 17 May - at least 220 Palestinians have been killed, including 58 children and more than 6,300 injured; 10 Israelis have been killed, including 2 children, and 300 injured. Hostilities have also resulted in significant additional displacement of Palestinians, with over 38,000 people taking shelter in 48 UNRWA schools across Gaza. More people are still trapped under the rubble in Gaza. There must be an immediate cessation of violence.

"No one is safe in Gaza. People spent the last 3 nights calling on the world to stop the bombing and saying farewell to their families on social media. People in Gaza have no safe places to hide and nowhere to flee. CARE is sending urgent supplies to Al Shifa hospital but we are waiting for the opening of Karem Abu Salem crossing into and out of Gaza to provide access for humanitarian staff and materials" says Wael Ibrahim, CARE Palestine West Bank and Gaza Country Director. “Civilians cannot wait any longer for an end to the violence and access to vital relief.”

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