With the influx of refugees to Europe, CARE started assisting refugees stranded in Greece. From 2016 to March 2018, CARE and partner organizations supported those stranded in Greece by providing debit cash cards, legal and psychosocial assistance, specialized accommodation for vulnerable women and young men and very much needed support with translations and bureaucratic processes.

As CARE was phasing out from Greece, we made all efforts to ensure the continuation of the services we have been offering by handing over these projects to local organizations, most of them receiving funding from UNHCR. CARE has established its mission in Greece as a temporary emergency response and it is welcoming the increasing role played by local organizations and the municipalities, while it is still looking forward to a more strategic leadership to be taken up by the government.

Since 2016, CARE has assisted more than 18,600 persons in Greece. CARE remains committed to continue monitoring the situation of refugees in Greece and will remain in close cooperation with local partners and the key actors from the local network in order to be able to respond as soon as possible if needed again in the future.

For more information on our programming in Greece please read the interview of Aleksandra Godziejewska, CARE’s Head of Mission in Greece during the peak of the refugee crisis from 2016-2018. Here, she reflects on progress and personal challenges.

Find more about Syrian refugees’ situation and CARE’s response on Syrian Refugees Spotlight.

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