CARE is committed to meeting international standards of quality and accountability.  Guided by our rights-based approach and programming principles, we focus on ensuring that our partners and the communities we work with have a voice in planning, implementing and evaluating our work.  Given the particular vulnerability of disaster-affected populations, we place particular emphasis on integrating humanitarian accountability standards in our relief and emergency response work.  CARE’s Programme Information and Impact Reporting System monitors the extent to which we are making progress to achieve our global impact goals, and our organizational data is published in our Annual Report.

CARE is integrating its impact, organizational health and accountability behaviours into an organization-wide Accountability Framework that guides the way we capture, report, and receive feedback as well as share, learn, and make changes about our work around the world.  We recognize that there are new opportunities and technological innovations that can strengthen our accountability practices, and are piloting several initiatives to that end.  

Being accountable to our stakeholders means ensuring that we share information in a transparent way or, where we are unable to satisfy an information request, providing an explanation. CARE posts a substantial amount of information on the internet, including strategic plans, annual reports, advocacy policy reports, programme reports, research reports, external evaluations, and media releases; in our Information Disclosure Policy we also define the types of information that must remain confidential due to practical legal, operational, safety and security considerations. All stakeholders have the right to provide feedback to CARE, including a complaint, and to receive a response. The CARE International Secretariat has introduced a complaints system, which is in the process of being extended to all CARE Members and Country Offices.

Abby Maxman, Deputy General Secretary of CARE International on CARE’s accountability approach:

"We define accountability as the means by which we fulfill our responsibilities to our stakeholders, such as donors and our beneficiaries, and the ways in which they may hold us to account for our decisions, actions and impacts. It is about accepting responsibility for the intended and unintended consequences of our work. We strive to be accountable to all our stakeholders, but first and foremost to the poor, vulnerable and disaster-affected people and communities with whom we work."


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