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More than 400,000 pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers a...

Ethiopia 27th May 2016

Donors must close funding gap to support government efforts assisting families in need.

Madagascar: the Private Sector doing aid work

Madagascar 25th May 2016

Telma is a Malagasy telecommunications company with a difference, and it’s not in their branding or services,...

GREECE: Clearing Idomeni camp doesn’t end refugees’ waiting...

Greece 25th May 2016

EU member states must urgently meet their own commitments and facilitate relocation of refugees.

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Fatimé, revisited.

Chad 25th May 2016

I can hardly believe my own eyes, sitting on a straw mat in the shade of a mango tree in Southern Chad. I have...

Day 1 of the World Humanitarian Summit: A+ for effort, B for...

Global 24th May 2016

At the end of the first day, the World Humanitarian Summit mostly achieved its aims.

Imagine… a life without water

Madagascar 23rd May 2016

Water is something that many of us in the developed world have the luxury to take for granted. It is available...

CARE International is a global confederation of 14 member organisations working together to end poverty.

In 2015, CARE worked in 95 countries around the world, supporting 890 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects, to reach more than 65 million people.

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Empowering Women and Girls Affected by Crises

Introduction: Why this report? The difference in t...

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